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The Journey to Wellness

The JACQUES Initiative holistic care delivery model is described as the Journey to Wellness. We are committed to leading individuals, their families and supporters, communities, and various social sectors of the City of Baltimore.


The journey to wellness begins by involving individuals, communities and health systems in an effort to address HIV and Hepatitis C.

This is achieved through:

  • Providing community outreach in unique and often non–medical locations. The goal is to increase access to health care services including screenings, education, prevention, linkage to care and supportive services and to advocate for community wellness.
  • Scheduling same day linkage to care and supportive services, when possible, to anyone newly diagnosed, reconfirmed positive, or re-establishing care.
  • Educating health professionals about the local HIV and HCV epidemics.


We prepare our clients and their support systems for a lifetime of wellness in addition to preparing our community to address prevention, stigma, treatment and support. We accomplish this through

  • HIV education workshops that provide information, encouragement, and hope
  • Wellness and adherence evaluations in order to develop comprehensive treatment plans and motivate goal setting
  • Work alongside hospital leadership to build infrastructure into the health system that identifies persons at high risk for HIV and HCV as well as new and previous cases of HIV and HCV and links patients to follow-up care.


With a focus on individual health and community wellness, we link patients to HIV prevention as well as HIV and HCV care and treatment. We personalize our referrals and make hot hand-offs to clinical partners in academic and community settings. 


A support network for patients assists in accomplishing wellness goals through:

  • Peer support
  • Health Education
  • Retention & Engagement
  • An integrated pharmacy offering daily or weekly medication dosage
  • Support groups for clients


Linkage to job training and placement, and personal independence are essential to a patient's lifetime success and sustained wellness. We provide continual training and encouragement to partner community organizations in addition to mentorship of, students, and HIV professionals.

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